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6 Essential Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies for Maid ServiceUnless you have a house cleaning service that comes daily – you are probably going to need to clean between visits.  And when you take pride in the cleanliness of your home, there are a few essential cleaning supplies that you will want use on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

You don’t need to get carried away, and get more cleaning supplies than needed.  Stick with the essentials and you’ll always have what you need on hand to keep your home clean and fresh.


Suggested List of Cleaning Supplies to Keep on Hand:

1: Glass Cleaner

A glass cleaner is used for windows, mirrors, and certain counter tops. You’ll always want to have this around because other cleaners will leave a film or smear the glass. To get the crisp and flawless look, you have to use a cleaner specifically meant for glass.

2: All-Purpose Cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner is a must because it can be used on almost everything, and it also disinfects areas that you use the most like bathrooms and kitchens. You can choose whether you want to use paper towels, or if you want to invest in reusable rags to clean with when using an all-purpose cleaner.

3: A spray cleaner for the shower

Invest in a daily spray cleaner for the shower to prevent you from having to spend unnecessary time and energy in the shower when you decide to detail it. The daily spray cleaner will help keep away mold and mildew build-up that moist places are prone to.

4: A dust rag

Find a dust rag that you can reuse. The best dust rags will be able to capture the dust instead of sending it back into the air. Many people choose microfiber options because they can collect a lot of dust, and they last for quite some time.

And last, 5: Storage Container

You’ll need a storage container with an open top to keep all of your cleaning supplies in. The most productive cleaners keep all of their supplies in one place instead of scattered throughout the house and garage. It makes life easier and the cleaning process faster.

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