abilene-cleaning-sal-panzeca2My name is Sal Panzeca:
I was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I am the first generation born here on my father’s side, and third generation on my mother’s side of decendents from Italy.

I have three children, a set of twins (girl and boy) who are 20. My daughter, Justine goes to school in Omaha, Nebraska and her twin Jr. is mentally handicapped and lives with his mother in Chicago. My youngest Devin is 19 and plays hockey in Canada trying to earn a hockey scholarship to go to a Big Ten school.

I have owned many businesses but always had my cleaning business in addition to other businesses I have owned. My cleaning company included helping a group of guys take care of their rental properties which included retail, industrial and offices that had to be remodeled and cleaned up to be put on the market for rent. I have also built small strip centers to custom homes.

In 2008 all the news in Chicago was how well Texas was doing, so in March of 2013 I spent a week here to see if the booming economy was true. It was very apparent that Chicago was and still is on it’s back and Texas was and is thriving. So, I packed my bags and I moved here this past September to start my life and business over.

I have a wide array of skill sets and experience from being so active in many aspects of the real estate market.
I hope to get to meet you and serve you well.