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How to Keep Your Sanity Between Cleanings

Photo Credit Copyright:antonioguillem / 123RF Stock Photo

Photo Credit Copyright:antonioguillem / 123RF Stock Photo

If you have hired a house cleaning service to clean your home, then you already know that it is the greatest feeling in the world to come home right after your house cleaners have cleaned. Your bathrooms are clean, your carpets are clean, your counter tops are clean, your floors are clean, and at that moment in time, you feel totally relaxed.

The right house cleaning service definitely saves you hours of having to vacuum, dust and scrub, not to mention saving you from the exhaustion of having done all of that.

However good that feels – we all know that only lasts until the other members of your family come home. Then, those people you love start making messes – and there goes that “clean home” feeling you had.

We suggest that you extend the time you have to relax by following these low-maintenance, simple cleaning tips so that your house stays clean – in between cleanings.

Manage Mail Clutter

All of us know just how much clutter has its own way of exponentially growing over time – and our mail can be the source of much of it.

Since you have mail coming into your house almost every day, what might start out as an organized, small pile can turn into a big cluttered mess very quickly. Having a system to organize it will help minimize the amount of clutter you have.

Managing Clothes Clutter

With the way we change our clothes so frequently, it can be for easy for your closet that is filled with clothing to start seeping out and covering any available space in your bedroom, particularly if you are needing to dig through your clothes that don’t fit any longer or aren’t suitable for the current season.

Take an hour and sort the clothes out that don’t fit any longer and store them to either be passed down or donated. Also, box up your out of season clothes and store them so that you can maximize the amount of space that you have available for those clothes that you actually do wear on a regular basis.

One of the major never-ending and on-going chores that takes up a lot of time is laundry. Stick with a system and inform your family members that you expect their clean clothes will be put away promptly and that all dirty clothes are to go into the hamper. However, one thing that you can do to help minimize how much laundry you have is to make sure to only wash the right clothes, so clean clothes are to be hung up rather than left lying around.

Curbing Trash Clutter

Take the recycling and trash more often. When the recycle and trash bins are full, it is much more likely that trash and items will start gathering and cluttering up your counter tops. That has a direct impact on how you manage your kitchen and feel about the cleanliness of your home.

Keeping the Kitchen Clean

Your kitchen is among the busiest rooms in your house. It gets the most foot traffic and has a tendency to get the messiest also. To keep your kitchen clean longer, implement the following roles and rules:

Everybody is responsible for clearing their own place, putting their dirty dishes into the sink or dishwasher (if they are old enough) and disposing of food scraps.

The individual who cooked the meal is responsible to put all of the ingredients away and throw away any trash that was generated as well as gather up all of the dirty utensils, pans and pots and place them into the sink.

An age appropriate member of the family (not the cook!) will wipe down counter tops and the table, wash the dishes and put the leftovers away.

When all of this is implemented on a consistent basis, the strategy will make it cooking and also cleaning your kitchen less stressful, quicker and easier.

Managing Pet Hair

Seeing stray balls of pet hair on your floors and furniture and make your home feel dirty even if was professionally cleaned recently. Squeegee your carpet (it’s a great way of removing fur) and dustmop your floors to gather up the pet hair and dispose of it.

Keep your dog’s hair under control by brushing him on a weekly basis and taking him to be professionally groomed and brushed when necessary.

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